IPDB rebranding - case study teaser

IPDB Foundation founder Joachim Lohkamp has just presented the recent rebranding on the DWenSF meetup in Internet Archive!

The process of redesign is still ongoing… We divided the entire path to the desired outcome into three phases:
1) brand core visual identity redesign;
2) website redesign with an emphasise on the content and all the important information being published;
3) website polishing with interactions and replacing MVP visuals with… stunning! illustrations

As for today, we completed phases 1 and 2.

It was unusual rebranding experience for me. Unusual because I needed to make brand visions aligned with the board members coming from absolutely different industries:
- an entrepreneur and founder of three decentralisation companies;
- the lawyer in token strategy;
- IoT company founder & backend developer;
- blockchain economics books author;
- the military security expert.

Case study on its way!
Today publishing a tiny teaser - one slide of the just-presented deck at Archive in SF.

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