Updated Bucco Bruce Logo

The original Bucco Bruce logo has always fascinated me in the academic case study sense - It's such a product of it's time, so ingrained in the losing years of a franchise, and so uniquely them, I think it should be studied. At this point, he's a warm nostalgic memory for those of us old enough to remember when he was in use. For the younger folks, he's a curio - a professional football team used *THAT* as their logo for two whole decades, two decades of nearly endless losing, as one might guess. He's from a bygone era when sports logos were made by newspaper cartoonists and local illustrators. They literally don't make them like this anymore.

Adding to Bucco Bruce's legend is the second the team adopted a tougher identity they started to win, which included a Super Bowl, begging the question - how big of a role does the identity of a sports franchise play in their success on the field? Does one inform the other? Is choosing to stick with a bad identity indicative of a larger organizational problem that may become visible in on-field performance? Is it a total coincidence?

Beyond that, the design challenge here is can Bucco Bruce be used as the basis for a solid modern updated logo? Would a professional sports franchise ever embrace something like this again? That's what I set out to achieve here. Thanks for watching!

Sean McCarthy
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