Water Animation

This is also an oldie but good one.
Water Animation Breakdown

1. Base animation was done in C4D using a simple cube with a combination of formula effectors for create the wave motion.

2. Lighting and shading using sketch and Toon.

3. Render Everything in black and white (greyscale) to be able to make Lumma Mates base on highlights, mid tones and shadows.

4. Comp and color in AE treating each separately.

5. Hand and water splash animation was done in cell animation and comp into the diffuse layer with the base water to integrate it with the 3D elements. Hand was duplicated and distort to get a little refraction when is underwater.
5. Final touches such as caustics were made using turbulent noise and vector blur then comp into the BG.

This was a fun experimental 🔬approach we came up with but overall we were very happy with the results❤️, what do you think?

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