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After the comments on the previous shot, I saw for myself where I have been leading myself astray. I'll keep plugging away until i get 'it'.

I have therefore come up with two refined variations of the mark, both hopefully conjour up a 'person' association more than a deformed alien. Made a number of small tweaks which have greatly affected the overall look and feel.

My concern is that going for the whole body will lead us into the realm of trying to achieve both non realism and realism at the same time with the mark. Making the legs more leggy definitely helps with the association but we are now getting too literal, which is not on the brief. Also, whatever climbing pose I come up with, I can't get out of my mind an image of a person slipping on a wet floor. :0)

So I am leaning towards the top idea, more compact and brandable, hopefully with a relatively clear 'person' link, as well as side obn view of a hand grasping a rope as well at the more mechanical links of climbing equipment and the cues to strength and grip, ie a subtle link to a wrench/spanner, but the latter not being a priority.

In both cases, moving the head closer to the body made a huge difference here.

Also changed the font to a more rigid and angular choice, which seems to better match the rugged association to climbing and 'factory'.

Trying to keep to my style of 'saying more with less'.

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