Hike Sketch


Took a break last night from regular work and just sketched. I've been taking a lot of hikes lately and they have actually been great place to think through projects and other stuff.

Also wanted to post this because I was wondering about some of the tools everyone uses. I have been through number of markers and pens for sketching but wondered about everyone else's experience.

I've used Microns, Rapidograph pens , and a Linemarker A.T pen for fine non-varied lines. For a more brush stroke type of line I have used Pigma Brush Pens, Faber Castell PITT pens, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Copic Sketch Markers and just a small brush with india ink.

For the fine lines, I keep coming back to Microns. With the other refillable pens like Rapidograph and Linemaker, I just don't seem to take care of them good enough. I can treat the Microns like crap and they still create a great line. Moreover, the ink tends to dry more quickly compared to the fountain pens, causing less smearing. Maybe I'm just too sloppy?

For the brush lines. I like the Pigma brush, but it looses it's shape too quickly. The other pens I mentioned worked great too, but a simple brush and india ink creates the most consistent line. It's just too cumbersome to carry around the ink and brush.

What do you guys use and why? Maybe rebound a shot of why you like it. I guess it really comes down to what type of work your doing and how you like to work. Regardless, I think I spend to much money on these things.

Sorry for rambling on!

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