Formula 1 - Team Landing Detail Page

Iterations and refinements later – A detail page presented with realism.

Much more to come..

THIS is how you want content to move and behave in a truly engaging experience. I pointed out a $15 million dollar gaming company last week that created their landing page with literally 10-15 different cars ”rolling in” from one side into view. The big difference here is that they went the lazy route and just had flat, awfully isolated png’s going into view with some generic movement. No wheels rolling there, everything just flat and dull like an overcooked pancake.

I refuse to settle for lazy. We all are better than lazy. Development demand is bigger to make things animate here and there you might say. But what if you have no users that enjoy your experiences, doesn’t that mean that your development job doesn’t exist anymore?

End of rage — Don’t settle for lazy, because we all need to push things forward now more than ever before

◾️When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed a digital experience end-to-end?

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