Hi folks,

This was a project we worked on a few months back. We already shared some explorations through different landers.

Proposed bold and memorable brand mark reinforces "IF" goal to stand out in the industry as a user-friendly and modern technology company. Simple, yet distinctive design, reflects easily accessible high-quality services through an unmistakable mixture of iconic shapes and colors mixed together with the hidden meaning of the mark.

The story behind
This was an intriguing project, as it proposed some interesting problems to solve. Especially if you consider that it was a new industry for us, and a new company with a proven track record and a successful website.

But, as you all know, some projects end up well, while others tend to fade away. To keep the long story short, we weren't able to successfully set up a working process from the get-go and after a few months of work, both parties agreed to discontinue the partnership.

From a design perspective, I felt like we were on the right track, hence I'm sharing the logo animation that our awesome brand designers created. Thanks to @Rokis and @JuliusSeniunas for their awesome work here.

Hopefully the team at "IF" doesn't mind us sharing some of the work we did together.


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