Logo Design

Get kosher

I posted this already, but after some feedback thought I would add some more detail:
Get Kosher will be a web and mobile iOS service that will provide users with access to fresh Kosher prepared foods and meals from a variety of restaurants, cafes and supermarkets delivered straight to their door. The company’s basic propositions of speed, food and delivery are represented in this concept through the union of a cloche and wings, Kosher is left for the typographical treatment. It’s an intentionally playful compounding of two visual designed to be quirky and memorable. Bariol was selected for the logo-type as it's a simple well designed typeface with a light and consistent line weight that neatly reflects the technological aspect of iOS orders and compliments the outline of the mark.The colour palette was selected because it's light, air fresh and reflected the flying nature of the logo-mark while avoiding any colours that related to specific food types, especially junk food.

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