BonsaiJS Library website


Super happy to announce the launch of, our lightweight graphics library with an intuitive API and an SVG renderer.

It's the engine behind our flagship tool which is used for converting Flash to HTML5 and creating cool animations for the web.

I wanted to give our websites have a nice yet subtle organic connection between them. For Pixeplant we decided to work around the 'earth', plants and nature theme, for BonsaiJS, being the backbone of our conversion tools I went for a space / universe theme, without BonsaiJS our other products wouldn't exist. It may sounds a bit far fetched but it's a nice way of keeping a connection between different products made by one startup.

Big props to the entire team (past and present) at uxebu, they have been hard at work on this and related cool products for the past year, way before I joined the company.

The website is retina-ready, feel free to load it on your shiny rMBP and let me know if there is something that doens't look crisp.

Most importantly, download the library and create awesome stuff.

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