Daily UI #051 - Press Page

Thoughts on Today’s Challenge
To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t 100% sure how to approach designing a press page. After doing some sleuthing, I came across this handy article from Hubspot. They thoroughly detail some best practices when it comes to content for a press page, highlighting real-world examples.

One example that initially stood out to me was GE’s Press Page. I liked their concept of having a searchable archive of press releases, also including a container with relevant media information. The only thing that I thought was missing, was some spice.

First off, I fixed up the hierarchy and typography issues. I changed the main font family to Roboto, my go-to choice for corporate mock-ups. I like this font because it is very legible at small sizes and is easy to work with for mobile layouts (this is a tablet layout by the way). For the display font, I went with Garamond, a classy and sophisticated font that looks great at large sizes.

Next, I looked for opportunities to add a touch more color and personality to the feel of the page. The obvious first choice for me was to redesign the card components. The main fixes were adding a colored stripe and a share button. Each stripe would represent a different category or tag based on the industry or market that each release is relevant to. Red being Healthcare, green being Environmental/Green Energy, blue for world news, and yellow for Financial Industries.

Finally, my goal was to more efficiently, and effectively, rearrange the UI components. I condensed some of the excess information, such as filtering options and navigation content, hiding them behind a dropdown menu. The next step in this design would be to make a working prototype and work through how these dropdowns would look and function.

In the end, I love how this turned out! I’m thinking of spending some time this weekend to turn this challenge into a full-fledged redesign. More to come on that later.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend.

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