120910 Guerilla Logo

120910 guerilla logo

Guerilla Bakery is a once-a-month initiative of three sisters that bring their love of baking to the streets of Vienna. Their pop-up bakery is hosted by different locations every time, luring people from all corners of the city to taste their sweet treats but also calls for a very particular kind of visual representation. To reflect the philosophy of Guerrilla Bakery and the sisters' personalities, we're working on a playful, sassy new identity. The logo is at the heart of the design, as its simplicity and versatility allows for it to be integrated easily and everywhere the sisters may find themselves. The font wis being developed especially for the bakery, to make sure that the pop-up sensation's unique nature is reflected in every aspect of the designs.  Here is a small taste of what Guerrilla bakery is like: http://vimeo.com/480303570 (Work in progress)

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