As I told you last time, recently we had a great pleasure to partner with an awesome team at Mednavi to bring to their vision to life.

Apart from product design we also had a chance to work with our client on their brand strategy & design, and here's a sneak peek at Mednavi Brand Book we prepared.

But what is Mednavi?

Patients in Poland were lacking one complex database covering cancer treatment possibilities with actual clinic names offering particular options. Going through unstructured and unreliable chunks of information in an enough stressful time was a nightmare for both patients and their families.

Together, we set a goal to design an intuitive platform taking away the chaos of searching for the right care path. A system that, not only presents various treatment possibilities but also offers a clear map of clinics and hospitals specialising in the chosen types of care. And we can't wait to hear your feedback!

Don't forget to check the full Behance case study here:


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