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GipsyBot — Create Task [iOS]

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👋 Hey!

There goes the final shot of the series! This is the cherry on top - the mobile task creation!

⚡️ What was the challenge?
I’ve already mentioned the challenges of designing GipsyBot for mobile devices in the previous shot. Long story short, I had to come up with the most efficient interactions to delight the user and match their expectations.

🙌 Meet our solution.
The user’s thumb reach and the keyboard’s height were the key factors that had the major impact on the design. I placed the actions at the bottom half of the screen so that the upper part is reserved to display the defined information. For iPhones with the notch I also used a unique pattern that allows the user to create a multiple number of tasks at the same time and simultaneously view the list.

🤖 What’s GipsyBot?
David Allen advices: “If a task takes longer than 2 minutes to get done, you should either add it to your to-do list or delegate it.”. GipsyBot is a smart to-do list for both teams and individuals that helps its users organize their work following the mentioned rule.

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