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From the Archive: Maeson 2017-18

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After a long spell of putting off collecting, formatting, and sharing work I've finally taken sometime to do just that. Looking forward to releasing some of the bits and pieces of projects that I've worked on over the past few years here as well as on Instagram.

Maeson was a site I put together in 2017-18 featuring a collection of clothing and home goods from Amazon's child companies Shopbop and East Dane. These sites feature lots of fancy labels, stuff that you wouldn't think to find on Amazon — unless you search the exact key word (fair warning not all of their products are also available on Amazon). I had hoped to get this site up and running and leverage Amazon's Affiliate Links, but they had other ideas and stone walled the project.

Part of the idea of Maeson was to elevate the product offering. I documented each product and retouched it to keep things consistent.

Big ups to @callmecavs for the dev on this puppy.

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