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GipsyBot — Onboarding

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👻 Boo!

After a few months of working on a desktop app, you’re always waiting for this time to come. iOS App is always a breakthrough and very pleasant to work on. No matter if you’re working on a quick MVP - as we were here - or fully functional 200+ screens app. It’s good to rethink your approach and create the simplest possible experience on smaller screens.

⚡️ What was the challenge?
The desktop version was full of different features and approaches at that time. We needed to select only key functionalities of the app that could have been developed quickly without much hustle.
The onboarding experience needs to be quick and provide us with some basic information regarding users.

🙌 Meet our solution.
In cases like this, we started with user flow (for real this time). It allowed us to present the whole functionality behind the app, which helped us check all the assumptions.
After the first user login, we’re providing them with just a few basic questions and a short intro tasks list that will help them get to know our bot.

🤖 What’s GipsyBot?
David Allen advices: “If a task takes longer than 2 minutes to get done, you should either add it to your to-do list or delegate it.”. GipsyBot is a smart to-do list for both teams and individuals that helps its users organize their work following the mentioned rule.

Try to leave your 📱 behind today — your Instagram friends will be just fine.

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