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Dear friends, I'm so excited to share with you my new Monumental Portrait Creator project. It might looks big, but actually it's huge! It might looks complicated, but it's very simple to use. In the preview pictures I showed all the primary steps for you to begin with.

There're so many possibilities to create exclusive, unique portraits with unbelievable number of outfits that you will surprise any member of your family, friends or colleagues. In no time you can make a bunch of portraits to throw a birthday party, create personalised wedding invitation, portrait for a business card, greeting card, farewell card, it's up to you.

Particularly I'd like to note massive female and male wardrobes. There's an outfit for any occasion in your life. Scroll down the previews to see examples. Wedding, sport, beach activity, night out, date, what you have in mind - it's there. If not, or you have some ideas of what can be added in the next update, please feel free to send me a message with your suggestions and I'll definitely consider to include it.

In this set I created a Female Wedding Constructor, most simple way to create unique beautiful outfit in few clicks. You can shuffle tops and bottoms, colors, type of bustier, skirt styles to find the perfect look. Check the preview page 8 to see examples. Also, there're boho wedding dress and classic dress for you to use.

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