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Hi guys,

This is something I've done awhile ago, but just now managed to make a presentation. It's branding for a sex-wellness and online store.

To get inspired I played Serge’s Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s song – Je t’aime, and dived into their (much-ahead-of-their-time) open and sensual romance, full of beauty, pleasure, children and brilliant, really brilliant people. Who delights better then french, right? I knew we need a bit of it.

Aaand, something else…
Pamela Anderson?

Something a bit less open, since some people find it offensive. Something that’s hidden beneath the curtain and smoke. Barely loomed under the candle lights…

That took me to a 1001 nights’ harem, with sables and belly-dance, perfumes and sweat and clank of golden ornaments, where everything is allowed, behind a curtain and a stone wall, and armed guards, and a crocodile pit… And I thought they need a bit of that, too!

And now, since I ended up tangled in seductive swirls and luscious swashes, I had to clean it up a bit (we are living in a modern world after all! ) and give it a clean and minimal look.

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