Isabelle Russell

Lord of the Rings: Frodo

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Being a Kiwi (not the fruit 🥝 but the nickname for a New Zealander if you haven't heard the term before!) living here in NZ, that also makes me a resident of Middle Earth. Since the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies were both filmed here, NZ has really embraced it's Middle Earth moniker. So as a LOTR fan myself, and upon hearing that a new LOTR series will be filmed in my hometown, I've been inspired to start a new vector illustration series featuring key LOTR characters!

And, of course, I was super inspired by Alex Kunchevsky's absolutely brilliant Harry Potter illustrations!

First up is young FRODO, a curious hobbit lad from The Shire who inherits the One Ring and must undertake the dangerous journey to destroy it at Mount Doom where it was forged in the fires...

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