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Hi there folks,

Quick flashback to the Assembly project we did few months back.

This is a homepage animation created by the talented guys at @crisscross , our go-to animators and part of the Bros workshop :)

Obviously, this was conceptual ideation of the design, but it was created to define a certain movement and flow to the site. Also, to see which elements might get some animation treatment.

We helped Assembly Payments define a new visual language, create a new website and build it out using Webflow.

Assembly Payments is an Australian based tech company striving to simplify and unify commerce experience. They provide multi-faceted payment capability, giving your customers a seamless way to pay and get paid. Basically, a better way to run your commerce service.

Our role
We were tasked to take the current website and visualize a new direction for the brand. In the process modernizing and unifying the whole visual language by introducing a completely refreshed color scheme, typography system, and design treatment.

With the help of the Assembly team, we completely restructured the navigation, page-to-page communication, and overall information architecture.

The goal was to deliver a friendlier digital experience for their customers, as well as tie in all the pages within a singular and unique design language that is the new Assembly Payments.

You can check them live at:

The final product has been slightly overhauled to accommodate some of the client requirements.

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