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Daily UI #046 - Invoice

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For today’s challenge, I wanted to create a mock finance app, highlighting the invoice section. This app would be software as a service and target all sizes of businesses, with an easily scalable model.

This app would help these businesses manage and track invoices from creation to final payment. To streamline this process, users would have accounts based on their access level for the site, payments and approvals could be made with a simple mouse click. The default four user tiers would be Administrator, Manager, Employee, and Customer.

I wanted to make the design very simple, and flexible, so the product could scale depending on the size of the company using it. I also wanted to keep the design very clean with minimum color, to fit the corporate industry that the app would be targeting.

Happy Friday!

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The challenge is to complete one unique user interface design task every day, for 100 business days. You can read more about it here:

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