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Self-Driving Society - White Paper

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How will mobility automation change the society and urbanscape of the future? What can design do to make the transition to a driverless world responsible and as frictionless as possible? The theme of the Self Driving Society, is the focal point of a long series of activities, works and design efforts that I lead for the Bassetti Foundation in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.

It is one of the projects that embodies many values of interdisciplinarity upon which I founded my design career: using design holistically between different mediums and disciplines in order to provoke reflection, extract insights and create meanings and frameworks for the challenges of the future.

Here some of the images of the centerpiece of this journey, the whitepaper Responsibility Driven Design for the Future Self-Driving Society, written by myself and Francesco Samorè for the Giannino Bassetti Foundation, with contributions by Angela Simone and Jonathan Hankins.

I curated also the graphic design and the visual identity. The paper was designed to live both as a printed and digital product, hence realized in an unconventional format that is wider than an A4 and reads well also on screen. All the visual system is created to be scaled and maintained in further uses, like promotional and dissemination material, both printed and digital.

To know more, check out selfdrivingsociety.fondazionebassetti.org


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