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FUNDO PRETO means BLACK BACKGROUND and it is a platform for the creation of audiovisual projects, with original content, available on Youtube, idealized and conceived by actress Rafaela Covas, also the author of several interpreted texts.

Lacking scenic elements on purpose - absence of surroundings, whose place is occupied by the FUNDO PRETO / BLACK BACKGROUND - and starting from a premise of creative freedom, the performances presented are the result of the collaboration of various creators/performers, their different ideas, perspectives, outbursts, convictions, criticisms, disagreements and deviations.

The logo focuses on the multifaceted personality of the author/performer Rafaela Covas and on the diversity of roles and functions she assumes in the project. This is graphically expressed through the two merging angles of her face framed by the camera's viewfinder.

The identity is completed with typewriter typography - alluding to the original texts - and strong images, adapted from the published videos, with the FUNDO PRETO / BLACK BACKGROUND as a constant and primary component.

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