Donnie Gardner

Send In The Joker

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An illustration/digital artwork for the upcoming Joker movie. A creative invite for a contest on The inspiration came from the latest Joker trailer, which Frank Sinatra's version of "Send In The Clowns" plays as the curtain opens as Joaquin Phoenix enters the stage (it's at the very end of the trailer). There, I ran with the theme of clowns as you can clearly see from the mask (in which is in the movie too) to the HAHAs. I also decided to go with a vibrant color palette to play off the Joker's personality when his transformation is complete from what he is used to be, a down and out comedian struggling to find his voice in an unforgettable world. I am taking this all from the trailers I have seen from the upcoming movie ha. I hope I am capturing the essence of what the film will be. I cannot wait to see it next month! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

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