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Badge Design _ Save The Amazon

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SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!!!🙌🏻🌲🌳🐿 Raging fire is continuing to sweep through the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil at an extremely alarming rate and it is confirmed by NASA satellites and astronauts abroad the International Space Station that this is the most active fore year in Brazil since 2010.

The Amazon rainforest, which provides around 20% of the world’s oxygen, has been ablaze for weeks now. The fires have sparked public outcry as many people blame loggers and ranches for setting the flames to open more land for agriculture, which worsens the the effects of climate change.

All we can do to help” Save the Amazon” now is to donate some money to some trustworthy and practical Environmental protection foundation ( @earthalliance - Amazon Forest Fund ). Let’s commit to respond to growing climate crisis and staggering loss of biodiversity threatening the stability of life on Earth.🌎👐🏻

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