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🙆‍♂️ What’s up!

During our work on the product we often took some time to focus on more conceptual work. We would often find challenges that the product faces at a strategic level and propose bold solutions. Thanks to that, we were able to discuss these ideas with our client.

⚡️ What was the challenge?
We did a lot of brainstorming about how to show completed and scheduled tasks, use the smart side of the product to automatically organize user’s schedule and whether we’re able to redirect all the internal communication to our product.

🙌 Meet our solution.
We’ve introduced a unique pattern of the scroll to view tasks from the past and upcoming days, and experimented with bringing e-mails into the product. All that to make sure that our concepts of the product are going in the right direction.

🤖 What’s GipsyBot?
David Allen advices: “If a task takes longer than 2 minutes to get done, you should either add it to your to-do list or delegate it.”. GipsyBot is a smart to-do list for both teams and individuals that helps its users organize their work following the mentioned rule.

I remember the cheap 🥂 and 'Blinded By The Lights' soundtrack I was enjoying around 2AM when crafting numerous animations. 🌚 What a night, Skotzke!

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