Sasha Eisenberg

Website for Product Data Automation Service

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Vesta is a cloud-based system designed to streamline the process of inputting product information into online stores.

My task here was to design a website which would present and explain services which Vesta provides.

I chose a futuristic, minimalistic style to present a tech product. Scattered typography, smooth colours and subtle abstract patterns create a sleek, gentle feel.

It also appeared to be a chance for me to work on illustrations here as well. In fact, I designed another Hero screen illustration for actual website, but I just liked that DNA-like tube variant better, so it’s here😊.
Anyway, it describes how Vesta works: cluttered product data from suppliers goes through Vesta AI, which processes, organizes it, and seamlessly puts it into user’s eCommerce system.

Visualising how a technology works was a refreshing piece of work indeed!

Current website:

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