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GipsyBot — Gmail Extension

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🥖 Bonjour!

You didn’t think I was done, did u? Another day, another Gipsy shot — some visuals this time!

⚡️ What was the challenge?
You may think that’s a pretty straightforward job — add some colors, gradients, and you’re done! Well, that was the initial idea (which you can’t see above). The challenge here was to create the simplest UI possible and make it just a bit pop. You know, like the barest minimum wow effect possible.

🙌 Meet our solution.
Simplicity. GipsyBot should blend in with Gmail interface as much as possible. I think that I nailed it. BTW, the colorful screens that you see on the first slide are part of onboarding.

🤖 What’s GipsyBot?
David Allen advices: “If a task takes longer than 2 minutes to get done, you should either add it to your to-do list or delegate it.”. GipsyBot is a smart to-do list for both teams and individuals that helps its users organize their work following the mentioned rule.

This is Team 🔟, bitch, who the hell are flippin' you? #itseverydaybro

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