David Jambor

Mentedy.cz knowledge sharing platform

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Mentedy.cz - Knowledge sharing platform took 20 fucking months! Imagine that feeling when you start on some idea and trying to build that and you are full of enthusiasm, but after some time you don’t know whether you want to continue, because it takes so much. Imagine the feeling when you have to pivot that idea base on the feedback you get and don’t know how to change it. When you have to wake up early every morning and do at least something to move on that project forward. When you have to solve problems that would never exist if you go comfortable way. When you are nervous, tired and know that you cannot stop because your comrade told you that he had left a job because of that idea you together believe in. When you are saying no to your social life, your wife, your friends. But you know what? I would do it again because if you don’t do it, someone else do. Mentedy is not as perfect as we thought, but this application is live since today and this is what is matter.

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