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addilys custom logo

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Hello friends,
Hope your are well!
This is my latest custom logo design project for an additive metal tools manufacturing company.
Description : Addilys is a technical expert for tooling industries. Thanks to metal additive printing and a very expert advices and knowledge in tooling, Addiyls can give a new way to imagine, design tools in manufactuing, plastics or others categories. Thanks to Addilys, and conformal cooling and their know how, industrials could make a lot of gains (economics, energy, time, money). The idea of Addilys is to provide a real added value. They want to be the leader of design and imagine a new way of solution by metal additive technologies, its experience of the manufacturing sector, and a mindset to pratical solution. As they want people immediatly trust on them in their logotype, they also want a part oh sensibility an dhuman touch, not only technology. A success blend between technology and smart. Addilys don't want necessary to be a big businness brand, they want to be the brand who find the solution. ANd they could because they have a lot of partners. As a poitn of vieuw Addiyls could be seen as a hub,
platform dedicated to the valorization of additive manufacturing in the field of tools. Th epeople target is BtoB, technical industrial, specialistes in molding and buyers in big industrial outiffiters.
Concept : Custom typography letter + Tool in negative space.
Construction method : Vector grid system
software: Adobe illustrator
Contact me for hire. I am available new project.

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