5,000 Perfect Icons. *NEW v4.0

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NEW v3.0: 900 more icons ★ 5,000 Vector Icons for iOS, Android, Websites & Apps ★

The World’s Sharpest Icons. 5,000 unique icons in 85 different categories. Drawn by hand and designed to perfection. The new generation of icons that will enhance your daily work flow.


✔ Pixel Perfect, Guaranteed. All icons are designed to precision on a grid system which ensures consistency and the sharpest display. We use a 24px grid for Android and 30px grid for iOS.

✔ Customizable Icons. You can easily change the color, size, orientation, shadow and more. By using our icons' Smart Strokes with Illustrator or Sketch to adjust the stroke width and thickness.

✔ Line & Solid Versions With two different icon styles, you are getting over 10,000 line & solid icons. We are constantly updating our icon packages. In other words, you will never have to purchase icons again!

✔ An Easy Way to Search For Your Icons! Full access to the Iconjar application. Searching for your icons has never been this easy. Import the 8,000 icons into the application with one click. They are already categorized and keyword friendly. Mac Only!

✔ iOS READY iOS Ready with Retina Display. High-end icons at 30, 60 and 90 pixels. iOS Design Style Outlined icons ready to use on iOS applications and designs. No compromises! The Icon54 iOS collection is designed and optimized for iOS screens to provide matched visual quality on iOS screens.

✔ ANDROID READ & High-end icons at 24 pixels mdpi and 48 pixels xhdpi. Android Design StylenGlyph icons ready to use on Android applications and designs. No compromise! The Icons Mind Android collection is designed and optimized to provide matched visual quality on Android devices.

✔ STROKE LINE CONTROL You can easily change icons layers size with smart stroke.

✔ SEMANTIC SVG ICONS Our SVG code gives you the creative freedom you want with our impressive collection!

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