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The mobile app industry is one of the biggest on the digital market. There is no surprise, since many businesses both small and big aim at creating their own mobile app.

UI and UX design is vital for the app performance. Every year people’s expectations about mobile applications grow. They want a mobile app to be user friendly and easy to use . Moreover, UI design should be appealing and original so that an app could catch users’ interest, make them stay and discover the functionality. Today, we share an article showing the creative process of UI and UX design for a fitness app. A designer assigned to this project was Stella ikhiede.

UI and UX design for a mobile gym fitness app.

Clients made a request to design a new product called LALA — a mobile application for fitness.The app was aimed at helping people to know how much steps and calories was lost during the day without being a member of a particular gym. Users would be able to know the steps,calories via a list sorted by distance and start time. Moreover, the app could be useful for workers as a tool.

The design was for the app to be dynamic and youthful supported with original user onboarding tutorials.
UX Design
When all the requests were considered, the designer went to the stage of wireframing. A wireframe is a simplified and schematic visual representation of a layout for app screens and transitions. It is a fast way to plan the information architecture and ensure that developers and clients get a clear understanding of the project structure. Furthermore, in case the client wants to make some changes, a wireframe is much easier to reshape.

UI Design
When the structure was approved, the designer started working on the presentation of the UI elements. One of the tasks was to find an effective color palette for the interface. The thing is that color has a significant influence on our visual perception and the first impression from a product.
Inappropriate colors may affect some of the usability aspects such as readability of copy elements and user satisfaction. Moreover, it’s important to consider the preferences of the target audience: people perceive colors differently depending on their age, gender, and culture.
The designer provided clients with several options so that they could see their app from different perspectives. There were examples with dark and light backgrounds as well as cold and warm color palettes.

Summing up, no matter how many apps exist, there is a way to make yours stand out from the crowd. Innovative features, sufficient user experience, and pleasant UI design can be an effective foundation for a mobile application.

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