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Jawbone EXO Apps - Sensory GPS

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The Jawbone Exo Apps are part of the Jawbone EXO Ecosystem, my final career project for the Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, discussed in 2013.

The Exo Ecosystem is a conceptual strategic tool designed for Jawbone to innovate the wearable market for the long run. An environment where new products and new applications of this technology can be envisioned and designed collaboratively by an active community of users.

The EXO apps are one of the final components of the Ecosystem. After the community of users and contributors have worked together on the Jawbone Platform to envision and co-design new uses of wearable technologies, the company can use these ideas to create a new generation of apps to work together with the set of EXO devices (or even inspiring the creation of new ones). The contribution by the community can spark a set of new interesting concepts and services, transcending the already established health-oriented uses of wearables.

Sensory GPS is a concept for an app able to transform the EXO wristband in a haptic navigation aid, that guides the user through specific vibration signals around the circumference of the wrist.

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