Project: Jewelry designer Lynn Bey was looking to brand her new jewelry line, Kono & Sono. Her direction was to include an ampersand resembling a necklace, and she also asked for alchemy icons to represent copper, diamond, silver, and gold—the foundation of her jewelry.

Included in this Dribblble shot are set are concepts and explorations as well as the final logo set and icons.
Kono & Sono is a handcrafted jewelry line made in Chicago. The name means "This & That" in Japanese, a nod to the designers family heritage. Most Kono & Sono pieces are created through a process called Lost Wax Casting, which starts with a sketch on paper and the design is then carved out from a wax block, making a three-dimensional piece. A mold is made of the carving and cast with molten metal, turning the original creation into bronze, silver, or gold. The resulting jewelry is completely unique, crafted by real human hands, and made in the USA.

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