#DesignSlices UI Challenge 06 - Wireframes for Wireframes

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Welcome to our last #DesignSlices UI challenge for this year! Applications for the Design course are closing on Sep 17, so this makes it the last challenge you can take on before the final DL. Prepare your papers and screens.

As your task will be to make wireframes for a software tool that is used for creating wireframes. But instead of making them old fashioned b&w way, make this one pop with color! They can be monochromatic, just choose some vibrant color. Let's make a WF party. 🥳

– Last challenge to win a pass for our Design Course.
– Post your designs by Monday, Sep 16 23:59 CEST
– Use rebound of this shot to send us your solutions.
– Include hashtag #DesignSlices
– Design on a platform of your choice. It can be a website or a mobile app, whatever suits you.

Good luck!

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