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Hello 👋

📝This is the new inbox!
In each message you can show all responds about the initial post. So if a team member respond we need to show you which item he select ! Here we can see on the list (middle panel), a guy is responding and we have selected this one, and the right panel, you can see the avatar on overflow about the currently message he respond.

📖Reminder : I worked 2 years for Agorapulse (Schedule your content, get reports, and engage followers with one simple tool).

💎Specs Design : I improved the UX and clean the UI. For the lasts month, I used Figma . I developped :
1️⃣. Design System
- Lvl 01 : Brand + Colors
- Lvl 02 : Dekstop Atoms
- Lvl 03 : Dekstop Molecules
- Lvl 04 : Dekstop Organims
- Helper Components
- Illustrations
2️⃣. Create a design with the 8px rules & 4px for height
3️⃣. Figma Constraints : Resize & Prototype (Overflow Behavior)

🖼Upload for dribbble :
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2. Publish
3. Calendar
4. Settings

I’m available for Freelance work 🖐 →

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