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Today he plays Friday for illustration, and he plays something very emotional even nostalgic for me: D

The theme chosen by @mikemaese was childhood toys, a subject that for some strange reason cost me more than I thought, but I loved the result.

As a child I remember many things, as everyone was my favorite stage, I loved it and enjoyed it at all times, especially because I had the best parents, the most consenting that I never lack any details not only material, but of love, but when they gave me a toy they did it from their heart, I can remember their happiness when they saw that my brothers and I would play in the evenings with toys or board games, they were incredible moments that I now remember with much nostalgia.

The illustration is born because I could not decide on a specific toy, because each stage was marked by different toys, but a constant was a box in which I walked all the toys, which every afternoon emptied everywhere, but I just remembered that I used much something called "finger skate" and mixed with various toys such as warriors, footballers or fighters, then I thought about this concept which took something more sentimental.

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I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I do, a greeting and a big hug to all

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