UX/UI Audit and redesign for Abbott

My Role: Art—UX/UI Director
Guide our team’s user experience strategy for the site overhaul and program integration.

Duration: 8 Weeks
I was responsible for creating compelling updates to their current website design and flow, while balancing parameters of their third party developers.

My designs were created with the help from of user interviews, UX/UI best practices, internal testing, and Abbott's internal backend program statistics; using Adobe XD as my main tool.

Our teams process:
Understand: Conduct user interviews, and site walkthrough with Abbott program managers.

Strategy: Internally determine a path moving forward, define goals and solutions to current issues; presenting the client with a Discovery/Strategy Document. Define how users are currently using the program’s site, and how we want to integrate gamification and more engagement mechanics.

Ideate: Site mapping, wire-framing. Presenting the client with high fidelity (80% designed screens) in a ‘click-through’ type prototype.

Validate: After final deliverables were approved and sent to client and development company, we worked with this development company on implementation. Having weekly check-ins, our team ensured the program was working efficiently and users could engage with our newly implemented game mechanics.

Challenges we encountered: Throughout this process, we found that additional existing pages were not fully shown/discussed with our team—impacting our final journey. Additionally, the program budget and implementation management impacted our engagement incentive concepts.  This was a great learning opportunity in being flexible and agile, balancing client requests with their implementation capabilities and magnitude of the program.

We were able to work as a team and create an experience for program members that is engaging, social and informational. Our engagement/game mechanics created a fun learning environment and leveled up the programs interactions.

Posted on Sep 5, 2019
Toby Riley
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