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Hello everyone! There is "FeedArchitect" product page.

Details about the project are below.

A Few words about -- Feed Architect is a thing that helps e-shops to keep their products in the order.

The following tasks were solved:

- The logotype was created.

- Classic modal grid (12 columns) was used (This is the most logical solution for this project.)

- Colors ( I chose the bright orange and blue for accents and their soft variations as a complementary tone). Why? Because the target audience is mostly women who will work with the app every day a lot. Orange helps to feel the energy and blue keeps our mood calm.

- Typography. I had found a cool font "Noah" which I used. Why? Reading became easier and the round letters affect humans totally positively.

So, that is all. I hope it was interesting.

Thanks for your attention!

Posted on Sep 5, 2019
Simsha Simakhina
Hey, careful, man, somebody's doing design here.

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