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E-Commerce Mobile App Exploration (Freebie here!!)

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Good Morning Everyone!

Just want to share what I did last weekend. I try to explore the fashion shopping experience in real life. Which is the shopping process quite different from the current digital shopping process. There is some important process missing when a buyer wants to make a decision to buy a product in digital shopping.

For example, in real-life shopping experience as a buyer, they want to check the quality of the material before making a decision to buy. They want to compare which material is good and which is not good. After that, they will compare the prices if the price on a budget or worthy, they will fit up with their body then if everything is OK, they will make a decision to buy the product. Yea that is the process that I get from interviewing some of my friend that loves to do fashion shopping.

So with this exploration, I try to come out with a different solution with that any other e-commerce do. I'm grouping the product based on gender and age, to help a buyer find product what they want. Product image quality and detailed product image become important concern to help the making decision and willing to see inside or the details of the product. Also, the detailed product information, product review, and guarantee will further assist a buyer in deciding to buy the product. I also add an interesting feature which is fitting rooms feature using Augmented Reality that can help the buyer to fit up choose product with their body.

Yap that's all my thought, If you guys have any feedback please put a comment below. Thank you and have a nice day :)

Download my sketch file here. It's a freebie! :)

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