Sam Worth

5 Secrets to Finding Men

According to dating coach Alex Wise from Loveawake dating site, most men know they don’t understand women. Most women think they understand men, and they don’t. Here are her 5 secrets to finding men.
Number One
Most men like femine women. Snell says looking men in the eyes, tilting your head toward him, and maybe tapping your foot in his general direction shows that feminity. And, she says, if it feels awkward fake it til you make it.
Number Two
Men like to compete. Women don’t behave in a way that inspires men to compete for him. Look at him across the room, smile and then look away. Look again, smile and then wave a small wave. But don’t forget to reward him. If he approaches you, reward his efforts by telling him you were hoping you would get the chance to talk to him.
Number Three
Just be yourself. Snell says the easiest way to tell a jerk from a gentleman is to express your rights, needs and opinions on every date especially the first three dates.
Number Four
Men need to be needed. Let him open the door for you and then let him know you appreciate him doing it.
Number Five
Men love to sacrifice. He’s more invested if he had to work, sweat and sacrifice for you. Be vulnerable and put yourself out there.
According to Alex Wise to find an emotionally mature men you look for these things in the first 3 dates: empathy, self-control and personal responsibility.

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