David Hawkins

Dokyu Motion Onboarding Modals

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A minimal design for my 3-part modal UX before entering the onboarding process for one of the tours in my After Effects extension, Dokyu.

The blob loop was created from 3 points using the pen tool in AE, then converted to 3 nulls using the 'create paths from nulls' script. Finally, each null was given a wiggle expression and some extra code to produce a seamless loop within a set time. I've attached an .aep if you'd like to see how it works. :)

Top of mind in this design was cohesion and I think this delivers on that. The product's brand is based on a lot of rounded corners, bubbles and waves.

Used the amazing Feather icons which I’ve come to love for the minimalism and cohesive design.

Try the app in your browser if you like ^^...

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