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How we designed an online store for Abode, a DIY Home Security Solution in only 8 Weeks

For the past couple of years Chris Carney, Brent Franks, and Max Burton have been working on Abode, a security-focused smart home solution. Unlike similar home security solutions, Abode gives you full control of your system, it doesn't charge you an expensive monthly fee to monitor your home, and it is very easy to install.

“I basically started Abode to eliminate all those pain points for people and really give a customer control of their system and their solution and really make something simple and seamless,” said Chris Carney.

In 2015 Abode had a successful campaign on Kickstarter and started selling their home security devices in the USA. They sold on Amazon and also used their own website. However, the user experience on this website was rather poor, and hence the sales volumes.

The problem
The old Abode website didn't perform well

Abode is a company that makes life easier, not more complicated, but product offers on their old website looked very confusing and didn't attract the attention of visitors. So the founders started looking for a solution...

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