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Six months ago I have had the pleasure of working on a project for another financial app. I designed and worked on the vision of the entire app, starting with the strategy, by identifying the main navigation patterns and framework, and coming with a design system.

The whole navigation experience it's based on floating and pop-up cards that allow to easily swipe and move cards freely. By doing so the user have the total freedom of creating every custom navigation and shortcuts by simply re-organize each and every card.

Moreover this financial app it's built around the consumer’s financial lives, and does not only store cards and bank accounts. It has also the possibility for the user to pay both friends and merchants, at any time and in any social context. The users can pay friends with just few clicks or charge and get paid - no matter which bank you are in business with.

The app includes an account management that allow users to manage credit and debit cards and core wallet features, P2P payments, including bill-splitting and social integration.

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