D&D Armory - Giant Slayer

In effort to encourage Justin Mezzell, Rogie King, Kassie Scribner, and myself to sketch and draw fun things more often, as well to dive in deeper to our newly found love for D&D, we decided to start weekly sketching/designing items from Dungeons & Dragons. This week was the Giant Slayer!


Join us! We'll be putting up new prompts every Thursday.

This next week we'll be doing the Rakdos Riteknife, a rad dagger from a Magic the Gathering crossover.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Also check out the timelapse of the sketch... where you can see me stumble through multiple skull shapes and sword hilts. Also included is a transparent PNG for this weapon, so you can use it if you'd like in your own campaigns.

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Giant Slayer@2x.png
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Posted on Aug 29, 2019
Matt Scribner
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