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Smart Sparkz isn't just another trades business, they understand that perception and differentiation is crucial to ensure they stand out from the countless other tradies in their industry. So I created a brand for them that does just that.

Project introduction

Far too often, tradespeople try to cram every single service they offer into their company names, hoping that one of those services will be noticed as they're driving around between jobs.

What they fail to understand is that customers just don't have time to read all that stuff — and while they're looking for someone who can do a certain task, they're mostly looking for someone they can trust.

Additionally, most tradies simply don't have visually appealing or memorable brands, and as a result, are either competing on price alone or get swallowed up in the maddening crowd of alternatives.

Caspar, owner of Smart Sparkz, gets this. I mean, he really gets it.

During our Discovery Session, we identified that most of Caspar's business comes from word-of-mouth or from those little rectangular signs out front of construction sites. So if he stuck with the overdone white + Times New Roman + phone number combo (like the rest of them), he'd, without doubt, be losing business opportunities.

Brand Exploration

Canvassing his local market and taking inspiration from his interesting company name, we worked collaboratively on a branding outcome that would:

— Stand out in a way his competitors weren't brave enough to try,
— Be incredibly easy to apply to uniforms, work vans and documents, and
— Visually convey what he does, without needing much explanation.

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