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100 Seats Available.

On October 16th & 23rd I’m doing a cover-all webinar, where we are going to give you insight to how I handle a branding project, step-by-step, and give you the tools you need to create successful responsive brand identities for your own clients.

And by cover all, we really mean cover ALL. We will leave no stone unturned.

Hope to see you there!


• Step-by-step creation of a responsive brand identity

• Client communication

• Writing a proposal

• In-depth client questionnaire explanation

• Building a mood board

• Going from sketch to final product

• Working on a common goal with the client on ONE concept, instead of multiple

• Creating a rock solid brand presentation


• Two 2-hour Live Webinars. Emir will share all his best insights from 20 years of creating long-lasting brands. Learn to create a responsive brand identity from sketch to final product. You'll also learn more about client communication, client questionnaires, writing proposals, building mood boards, and creating a rock solid brand presentation.

• Live 20 Minute Q&A/Demo Session. Get a chance to ask Emir any questions about his process and techniques. This is one of the most valuable parts of this package because you can get your specific questions answered so you can be sure that you understand Emir's process for creating a responsive brand identity.

• Recording & Transcripts of Webinar. If for any reason you can't attend the webinar live, no worries. We'll be sending all attendees a recording of the webinar to keep forever. Plus, each recording will come with transcripts so it's easy to review.

• Links to Resources. Over the years, Emir has found the best resources and tools for every part of the branding process. No need to take notes, we will provide you with a PDF with all of the links, so you can reference it at any time.

• Inspiration Board Membership. You'll get an invitation to join Emir's personal inspiration Pinterest board. Emir has spent years collecting top-notch inspiration for his own branding projects. You'll get a lifetime access to this board, which he adds to every week.

• Client Questionnaire Template. This is Emir's very own client questionnaire. Best of all, it'll be provided as a template, so you can just plug in your personal logo, adjust the questions to be specific to your client, and it's ready to go.
• Client Proposal Template. You'll get Emir's client proposal template, which can be easily adapted to your own client branding projects. 

• Brand Presentation Template. Create a brand presentation that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your client. This invaluable resource can be used over and over for every client. 

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