Jeffery Lawson

Legends of the hidden temple

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⁣⁣Hidden in the deepest corners of the jungle exists a primal force of evil from the beginning of time, his origins lost to history. His existence has been shrouded in mystery, and he is simply known to the locals as OLMEC. However, his cruelty is known far and wide as it is rumored that in ancient times, he would turn anyone and everyone in the temple into stone. It is also a legend that within the temple exists eight artifacts of immense power. These artifacts are rumored to be guarded by terrifying guards and are said to gift whoever finds them the power to be supreme and the power to be almighty. Every 500 years, OLMEC allows an offering to be made on the steps of knowledge to gain entrance to his temple. In the guise of a game, only teams of 2 children can enter and retrieve his artifacts. If found and put together, there would be no way to stop OLMEC from spreading his darkness over the world. Enter at your own risk!!!!⁣⁣

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