Md. Faysal Amin

Bearing Gaddi

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It was one of my Smartphone Game Design Concepts based on our cultural sports.
In this basic concept i tried my best to focus on nature, village structure, colors, landscape etc.

The game concept in its simplest form is the vision of your game put on paper in an easy to understand manner so that everyone involved will be on the same page, know exactly what the game is and what is going to be involved in order to create it. This means that the publisher/investors, the art team, the developers and even the marketers will know what is going to be required of them. The game concept should really follow the stages in which a game is created, from the story to the art, and even how you're going to make money with the game. You can think of the game concept as kind of the instruction book for each of the departments involved, but it's also where these designers and programmers are able to express their concerns and lend their own thoughts to make the best game possible.

See here full project:


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