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Sat down for the first time in a long while to actually design something. I’ve been writing code almost exclusively for the last two years. Multiple projects and languages for a single client who has their own design team. The most I’ve done is crop an image. Anything else has been a "design in the browser" scenario.

Yesterday I started learning to use Affinity Designer, set up a new Instagram account, Facebook page, and logged back into Dribbble all so I can improve my design skills. I’ve learned a lot from the work I have been doing but I also feel like I am way behind on current trends, technology, and methodologies.

To get back into designing things I'm redesigning my website. A few months ago I trashed the rush job of a website I made the last time I had a break and installed WordPress, I figured I'd make a custom theme for it and go from there. Well, I haven't and don't really want to. I want my website to be a playground where I can try out new technology and get caught up on some of the things I've missed.

This is the beginning of my new homepage design, just a simple layout that will have reusable components. I'm still deciding if I'm going to stick with my original plan and just add layers of detail to the design until I end up where I want it to be or if I'm going to leave this layout alone as a reference and design each component separately.

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