The Search for Four Circles, a fucked up enigma art

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It was quickly heard that Goran Sprd, called Puzzle, set a new riddle in the abstract part of the World of fantasy, they were in demand four circles of equal size. Wizard Cyril Boom, who loved solving puzzles, immediately set off in that direction, hoping for a good time, I went with him, hoping I would turn to outsmart if I solve this puzzle. When we came to the abstract part that Goran Sprd laid the puzzle on (shown in the picture), it was already crowded. Goran Sprd's heavy puzzles were a challenge to everyone, destroying the confidence of many intellectuals, but presenting an opportunity to test the value of the brain. There were residents of the Fantasy World who considered Goran Sprd a cheater who with his puzzles - which are not at all - towing for the nose naive beings which tried to solve the unsolvable.
"Yes, here are four circles," says wizard Cyril Boom after a few minutes.
- I don't see them! - I said nervously.
I hated him at that moment, because I didn't see them, and I had a strong desire to solve this riddle. What made me even more nervous was that I knew that Cyril Boom would not tell me the solution, but to ask me to change my viewing perspective or something.
"And they're pretty big," he said at the end, turning around and heading for our house.
I've been looking for circles for a while, so I follow him. When I got to where he was standing, I see a divider on the ground, it probably fell out of his pocket.

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